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Kuttner Handyman and Home Improvements completes home inspection repairs in the Abington, PA area

Did your recent home inspection uncover some unexpected problems? You can rely on Kuttner Handyman and Home Improvements in Abington, PA to complete any repairs after a home inspection. We fix structural and cosmetic issues to ensure your home is safe, comfortable and fit to meet inspection standards.

Getting home inspection repairs doesn't need to be a difficult task. We provide fast, effective repairs, so you can get your home on the market soon. Call us today to schedule our repair services.

Common repairs we tackle

Common repairs we tackle

You can trust us to take care of your repairs after a home inspection. Common issues we fix include:

Damaged flooring
Shabby paint jobs
Slow draining water

If you're a Realtor, finding out you need to arrange for home inspection repairs can be upsetting. We offer routine maintenance to catch and fix any problems as they arise, so you can feel confident when it's time for an inspection. Check out our Rental Property Maintenance page for more information about our maintenance services.